During production of plants, a thorough cleaning and following that, careful disinfection are the first steps to be taken in the course of plant-protection!

First disinfection then production!

Introduction of phyto pathogen micro-organisms into the production is reduced by consequent hygiene management, continuous hygiene measurements and an efficient disinfection.

   Horticulture-Floriculture/glasshouses          Agriculture/Warehouses

First disinfection, then production warehouse hygiene - disinfection potato stock - storring hygiene

Floriculture / Horticulture : Joung plant production up to finished product

Besides Xanthomonas and other plant-pathogene bacteria, enduring forms of fungi, as Fusarium, Cylindrocladium and beyond these viruses as TMV, CyMV, ORSV, PFBV and lately also PSTVd as viroid for some plant-varieties notifiable diseases and can be controlled by using MENNO Florades:

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                   Fungicidal - Bactericidal - Virucidal - Disinfectant             Disinfectant against plant pathogene bacteria, fungi and viruses

Agriculture / Potato - Seed potato - industrial potato - consumption potato

Control of Erwinia, Helminthosporium, Colletotrichum, Fusarium, Ralstonia, Clavibacter, Phytophthora, etc.GLOBAL GAP describes under the general conditions of the audit the hygiene-measurement for production-site that fulfill the guidelines for the control of notifiable bacteria.

Besides this, economical relevant pathogenes as Erwinia and other are contagious or survive as enduring forms of fungi, as Helminthosporium in storing-facilities for potatoes. Transmission can be prevented by disinfecting equipment, means of transport, stroring-crates and surfaces in the storing facility etc. with MENNO Florades, please find brochure on the right.

Horticulture - Vegetable production - From the seed to the finished product

In the production of vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, onions, cabbage and many others,  EUREPGAP gains more and more importance. This requires effective hygiene-measurements for production-sites against notifiable pathogenes as PepMV, Corynebacterium and also against pathogenes of economic relevance, as Erwinia, Bortrytis, and more, by disinfection with MENNO Florades.

                                               hygiene measurements in tomato, pepper, cucumber, salad, etc.

Mushroom / Champignon production

Production of mushrooms, as champignons, oyster mushrooms, shiitake etc. is covered by the plant protection regulations. As a consequence, disinfection against bacteria, as Pseudomonas, virus and pathogene fungi as Trichoderma, Verticillium und Dactylium by using MENNO Florades has to be done.

Tobacco cultivation

In the cultivation of tobacco, it is necessary to control pathogene fungus as Peronospra, Chalara and others by disinfecting with MENNO Florades (link).