Optional foam application ensures the efficiency of disinfection measurment

  • Measurement, control and documentation hygiene measurement, monitoring, documentation of disinfection precessof process relevant values for hygiene during processes of cleaning and disinfection.
  • Electronically automated gathering of data.
  • Prevention of over- or under-dosing.
  • Recording of used volume and temperature.
  • Optimizes the efficiency of cleansing and disinfection

Concentration of cleanser, respectively disinfectant, temperature of water and used volume of solution (as stream of volume) per time-interval, are measured, electronically recorded, and graphically depicted. Optionally, the products can be added exactly, through a choice of volume-related dosage-pumps and can be sprayed as foam by means of a compressor (to be supplied).

hygitrix® collects and stores data on Micro-SD card and processes graphically (via software) the following data: date, time, stream of volume, temperature of medium, electrical conductivity of the solution (concentration of MENNO cleaner respectively of disinfectant), additional information (such as user, greenhouse, EAN-Code, numbers etc.). Furthermore, for a defined target area (as table-, tray-, CC-Container-, greenhouse surface) the actual spreading can be regulated by setting a fixed volume of solution for the respective area. This exactly documented disinfection-process offers safety with respect to the QS-System.