Fruit Logistica in Berlin from 5. till 7. Februar 2020

We hope to welcome you at hall 2 on our booth D-15 for the occaision of Fruit Logistica.

Disinfection against Listeria, Salmonella, Legionella, e-coli, EHEC etc.Personally we would like to answer your questions concerning hygiene measurements in vegetable production and food processing, cleaning disinfection, application against bacterias like Listeria, EHEC etc.

For explantions and fruther details about the exhibition and programm on the trade fair, please click on the above link.

A-QUASAN is a new disinfectant for food processing in the vegetable production, based on the active ingredient Benzoic acid, without leaving any residues on treated surfaces. It is effective against bacteria's such as Listeria, Legionella, e-Coli, EHEC etc, as far as levurocide. On our booth we are presenting the skumix foam application, increasing the exposure time by applying a creamy, homogeneous foam.

One application example is the cleaning and disinfection of peeling, cutting and sorting machines in food processing in vegetable production, shown in the video below.

 Desinfektion gegen Listerien, Salmonellen, Legionellen, coliforme Keime, EHEC etc

 Furthermore, we are going to present products and brands:   

  • A-QUASAN  
  • MENNO Florades  
  • MENNO Dosier-Schaumspritze  
  • FADEX H+
  • skumix - adaptable foam application in the low pressur range of below 7 bar
  • hygitrix - digitale documentation of hygiene measurements and disinfection


Legal national registration and legislation requirments has to be considered before and during use.