Animal Feed protection with silo hygiene

Silo hygiene, Rengoring af Fodersiloer Who can still afford rotten feed?
High values in form of feedstuffs are stored in feed silo and are exposed to loss of value through microbiological contamination, due to inadequate cleanliness. In a 15 m³ silo with 10 t capacity, feedstuffs representing a value of € 52,000,- can be stored annually. At an assumed loss of only 5% by reduction of feed-quality and / or higher cost for animal-health, the annual loss can amount up to € 2,600,-. In comparison, the investment for cleaning the silo costs ca. 320, - €!
An adequate investment in prevention earns you money by preserving the quality!


Silo cleaning and disinfection - Hygiene in feed siloThe advantage of the Silo-RoBoFox® is clearly evident. Through an access hole to be fitted retrospectively, the mobile cleaning system is used in the silo on a vertical guide. Different software customized cleaning programs take the relevant silo types into account, controlling the Silo-RoBoFox®, the arm with the nozzle follows the silo profile the inner wall.

Up till now, just one technical device has passed the demanding standards of the DLG Focus Test and has thereby produced proven results.

Mobile Silo Cleaning System“DLG-test report 5639 F Summary:
The mobile system "Silo-RoBoFox®" for silo-cleaning and -disinfecting was examined based on its cleaningand disinfecting performance. The tested system uses MENNO® CLEAN foam cleaner for the cleaning process, obtaining a concentration of 2 %, and VENNO® VET 1 Super1) for disinfecting obtaining a concentration of 1 %. The investigations were executed in three randomly selected compound feed silos located at three active farms. Assessed were the Silo hygien in feed silomicrobiological contamination and the degree of pollution of the inner silo-surfaces throughout a cleaning- and disinfecting procedure. To assess the microbiological contamination, swab- and squeeze methods were used. For the degree of pollution a protein detection method was used. The results show that the tested system reached a sufficient cleaning- and disinfecting effect. In all cases, the degree of pollution of the surfaces improved from "heavily dirty" to "clean". The assessment of microbiological contamination shows that with this procedure a complete disinfection will be reached. The germ elimination rate based on the initial number of germs, amounts to a factor of 100,000 (10-5). Meaning, that the germcover was reduced to a hundred thousandth of the starting amount. The tested procedure generated efficient hygienic silos.
1) Use biocides safely. Before usage, always read the identification mark and product information.”

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